There is nothing like starting a freshly minted new year with a BedBug scandal. I have to laugh, because “BedBug scandals” are what the press does. Is any of this really news? Really? New York City is on the Top 50 Most BedBug Infested cities in the USA, yet here we are: discussing this “news” report

Hello my "tasty-human" friends. I'm MrBedBug. While you are sleeping, your hot breath make my antenna "tingle". You are an irresistable all-I-can-eat buffet opportunity, for me [and my offspring]

Hello my “tasty-human” friends. I’m MrBedBug. While you are sleeping, your hot breath make my antenna “tingle”. You are an irresistable all-I-can-eat buffet opportunity, for me [and my offspring]

Happy New Year and -Hello-, my tasty-human friends. I’m MrBedBug, Chief Editor /SpokesBug for the BedBug News I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and follow me on the Twitty-Toy – @MrBedBug.

One of the things we do around here, at the is provide real practical info about Bedbugs. There are SO MANY myths and often repeated folklore/stupidity [about Bedbugs ] on the internet, that we try to offer some perspective. It’s OK to laugh about Bedbugs here. [Bedbugs aren’t funny] but the press coverage and uninformed reactions can be a source of chuckles]
Lets take this newest “scandal”apart and see what we’ve got to “play with”.

1st ….. tourist couple arrives in NewYork City, checking into a hotel room with out inspecting [first thing] for Bedbugs. Sure we agree that all hotels should do this, but come on people- protect yourself.

2nd .. The REASON that The BigApple is on the list of the Top 100 Most BedBug Infested Cities is: Tourist from all over the world bring them to……. Hotels in NYC. Homer Simpson says -“Do’h”

Next, Lets assume that the phone-camera video is legit. [It’s kinda hard to fake this for a specific hotel room] What we see is a MAJOR Bedbug infestation. BedBugs did not magically appear, just in-time to ruin this couples “dream vacation”. We usually give hotels a “break” around here at the This is because they are in a no-win situation. A perfectly clean room can become a new BedBug infestation when any [often, unknowing] guest brings BedBugs into the room from a movie/theatre seat, a cab/Uber ride, a metro/transit bus or the VIP lounge at a club. Anywhere you “coat-check” could have a BedBug problem too. This time we’ll join the chorus of “haters” blaming the Astor on the Park Hotel on the Upper West Side of NYC [it is very rare for us to do this] What we see in the phone-video [again assuming it’s legit] is a well and truly involved infestations. BedBugs go through a 5-step life-cycle, from Baby BedBug eggs to the full-sized adult most commonly discovered. This level of infestation with trace evidence of “spotting” on the bed indicates this situation has been ignored, intentionally.
Here is the guys original video–again… it’s hard to “fake” THIS–

The question I have is: who were the last 25 people who stayed in this room, because—–

4th BedBugs are hitch-hikers. They cling to any fabric that smells like a tasty-human buffet opportunity, SO: anyone staying in this room in the last month to 6-12 weeks, has taken a “sample” of Bedbugs with them to the next hotel room or back home. This is how cities get ON [and STAY ON] the list of Top Bedbug infested Cities. One plus One equals 3 with BedBugs…. [and plus one more equals 5 and one more equals 9, because of reproduction]

The last tip off that this was a major Bedbug infestation is the bite patterns in the video. If this was a busy hotel room, with a few Bedbugs [3-4], the woman MIGHT have 3-4 bites. This video shows a feeding frenzy. See, Bedbugs ONLY feed on humans. [we think you are SO tasty], but BedBugs can go up to 5-6 months between meals. A slow hotel could have BedBugs in a room. Left behind by one guest, they would wait till the next guest arrived, before feeding and reproducing [one next generation] which waits to feed on the next guest, repeating the cycle. THIS ROOM, had so many Bedbugs, there is NO way this infestation is “new”, or that other guests hadn’t been a human buffet opportunity on a constant basis.

The Astor on the Park Hotel on the Upper West Side of NYC has had maintenance staff is in/out every day. The laundry sees the sheets, every day. Guest come and go….. yet no one thought it a good idea to clean the Bedbug infestation? This is the very reason the hotel had no comment. There is no “defense” for this. Again, we often defend hotels, because “proving” where someone was bitten by Bedbugs is difficult. Vacationers/travelers often return home and assume it was the hotels fault. This is unfair, because [as stated above] Bedbugs could be any number of places in your travels, or movement around your own hometown. This BedbugNewsReport [sadly] doesn’t fit that category. Hotel management dropped the ball.

Now, the “good news” is: bedBugs do not spread disease. The “feeding spots”/bites are itchy, like mosquito bites, but also do NOT case scarring, as is claimed in the story…… [unless you scratch the itch so much that it bleeds, but that’s not the BedBugs fault.] Most pharmacies carry over-the-counter remedies for itchy bug-bites. Any of those products will work on Bedbugs. A trip to the ER was unneccesary, unless you are setting up for a lawsuit, which we see too much of too.

Questions or comments about this story? Post below. We filter all spam post and any “BaBa-Booie” [Mrbedbugs has been to NYC too. and even Howard Stern has BedBugs] but I do take the time to respond to real / thoughtful comments and question.