Bedbugs are back in Alabama, but not too many folks seem to be aware of it … and that helps spread the infestation. [if you don’t know what a BedBug looks like, read THIS post]

The BedBugNewsReports has been covering the spread of Bedbugs across the USA for a few years now, but someplaces, [like Alabama] seem to not have the press coverage of this growing problem.

Mr BedBug on the set of MrBedBugTV

Mr BedBug on the set of MrBedBugTV

Hello, my tasty-human friends. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News

“We”, BedBugs, were almost completely wiped-out, just after the “BigWar”… when the “boys” came home from “Dubba-Dubba-2”, they had new chemicals [like DDT] to make life “easy”. The problem is/was… BedBugs in Alabama were not completely eradicated, and those toxic chemicals are illegal now. In the more recent years, BedBugs have become more and more immune to the ever-more toxic chemicals used by the franchise pest control companies. Bedbugs in Alabama homes, apartments, public housing units, plus hotel/motels and shelters is becoming “news-worthy” again.

The GOOD NEWS? Bedbugs do NOT spread disease…but that’s about it.

The BAD NEWS? BedBugs are hitch-hikers. “We” follow you tasty-humans anywhere / everywhere you go. The only defense is awareness, and there’s not much of that in Alabama. Unless you want to start seeing Bedbugs in Alabama becoming such a problem that Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Mobile are listed on the “Top 50 Most BedBug infested cities” list, everyone needs to start paying-attention. Tuscaloosa is a prime location for “good eatin’” by Bedbugs too. “We” just love college towns.

BedBugs have a reputation for only being found in seedy motels and on the “poor-side of town”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bedbugs feed on human blood. That’s the ONLY food source [which is why I always say, in my blog-post and videos, “Hello my tasty-human friends”.] Other insects and household pest are seeking water [ants] and filth or grime[roaches], but “we” Bedbugs only feed on the all-you-can-eat buffet offered by a sleeping [or inattentive] human.

The first sign that you have BedBugs in your life is usually the pop-up red welts, that are skin reaction to “our” feeding-bite. It usually takes 24-48 hours before you see a skin-reaction too, which makes identifying the exact location of the BedBug infestation all the more difficult. Were you bit in the hotel? at a friend’s party house? in the local movie theater? Or did you bring a “hitch-hiking” Bedbug home from the gym or the kid’s school to start a new infestation in your house? All those option are equally likely.

This article from / the Birmingham News has some really good info about Bedbugs in Alabama, but The exist to follow [and correct the mistakes] reported in the local press. There are a LOT of myths and folk-lore [and just plain stupidity] repeated on the internet about BedBugs. I am MrBedBug, injecting a bit of humor, while trying to help you find REAL, practical solution to YOUR BedBug infestation problem.

bed-bug-eggsThe most common “error” we see local reporters at TV stations and newspapers make is: BedBug pictures that are not “helpful. That’s the case with this story by Lisa OsBorn. [yes, we send reporters “reviews” and notes all the time] She not “wrong”, but Bedbugs go through 5 life stages…shedding a skin each time. “Baby” BedBugs and “teenagers” are MUCH more difficult to see than a full grown adults [the most commonly pictured on the internet]. I’ve added a photo to the LEFT that shows eggs, and a mix of life-age Bedbugs.

If you wait to notice adult Bedbugs in Alabama, the entire state will be overgrown with 5-6 generations of hungry “vampires”, before you start a clean-up effort. That makes the job just THAT much harder. [Ask the folks with Bedbugs in Ohio. They are the #1 state with 6 cities listed as major infestation sources.]

One last thought about Bedbugs in Alabama homes… You CAN clean a Bedbug infestation yourself. Awareness helps you “catch-it” early, before it’s a massive problem. Follow the practical advise we offer at and you can avoid the expense AND the toxic chemicals used by the franchise pest control companies.

If you want to learn HOW TO AVOID BEDBUGS, Get the facts. All the latest research [and Battle plans from the Bedbug Wars] is compiled at Get effective “Tips and Tricks” on how to avoid a Bedbug infestation in the first place, and learn the options you have to clean a BedBug infestation in your home or apartment/condo and workplace.

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The more you know about HOW BedBugs live, hide, feed, breed and travel, the better you can protect yourself in the “BedBugs Wars”.

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