If you have read the BedBug News Reports for any length of time, You will appreciate the comment, “here we go again”. Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) seem to be the one place that “management” or ownership hasn’t learned the basics of BedBug prevention and treatment.

Hello, My tasty-Human friends…. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for FLfresh.com and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV and here to help with the REAL story about how you can avoid Bedbugs and information about cleaning an infestation, if you get one.

BTW, if you are new to the BedBug News Reports.com web site, we hope you’ll stay and read more about how YOU can learn from the mistakes of others. BedBugs are creatures of habit. The more you know, the better decisions you can make, when [NOT if] you are confronted with a potential Bedbug infestation. We NEVER post information in an attempt to embarrass any person or business. BedBugs are a “new” problem for many facility managers, businesses, landlords of all types and home owners.

The latest ALF to make the pages of the BedBug News Reports is the Delaware Highlands Assisted Living facility in Kansas City, Kansas. Appearently they weren’t responsive enough to the early signs of a Bedbug infestation to prevent Betsy Webster of KCTV-5 News from showing up on their front door. See Betsy’s news report in the link— or in the player below

Here’s what went wrong. [Remember, I only know what is included in this news report.]

#1- “Keep it quiet” or “Don’t tell anyone, because they will panic” is always a recipe for bad PR later… as evidenced by the fact that Betsy arrived to do a LIVE news report from the driveway out front. BedBugs do NOT spread disease [that’s the good news], but we are “hitch-hikers”, easily moving from place to place, clinging to any fabic that smells like YOU. It is very likely that a family member of a resident brought bedbugs into the facility, during a visit to see GrandMa. Once an infestation begins the only solution is to KILL the BedBugs.

This brings me to point #2. The “professional” pest control company should have known better than to clean only ONE room. This news story did not mention which treatment was used [there and more than a few] but each one has pluses and minuses. My Bedbug community is tricky. If you miss one BedBug [or more likely the eggs laid in the next room] the infestation will return. That appearently is what happened here. As an example, it is very common for hotels to constantly test for BedBugs, then at any positive results, clean the ajoining rooms, on either side, PLUS above and below. BedBugs will travel between rooms, thru electrical sockets, under carpet-runs, thru plumbing “holes” in walls and other access points. ALWAYS ASSUME BedBugs have traveled farther than you expect, after discoving any infestation. Most Bedbug communities will grow to a pretty big size, before the average human will notice them. When you discover BedBugs, you are already “behind” in the Bedbug-Wars.

The last point is: Bedbugs are constantly feeding, nesting and breeding. Waiting three weeks, AFTER a known infestation has taken hold is only making the job of cleaning more difficult. We respect that owner Jeremy Witt didn’t want to create “panic” in the ol’ folks home, but going forward there needs to be a continual monitoring in place and immediate response to positive tests. Yes, It is expensive for an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) to clean a BedBug infestation, but if your staff is trained correctly and the existing maintenance staff had the correct tools on hand, even a large multi-resident ALF can D-I-Y clean a BedBug infestation.

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Learn more about BedBugs at www.FLfresh.com

Learn more about BedBugs at www.FLfresh.com