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EcoBugFREE the effective, but SAFE, non-toxic solution that really KILLS BedBugs

If you have BedBugs in your home, apartment, condo or rental property, it’s a REAL problem. You want relief NOW.

EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator is the powerful, effective and safe way to clean your home of BedBugs. University studies show, you CAN Do-IT-Yourself with EcoBugFREE

  •  Powerful and Proven Effective
  • Non-Toxic / All Natural / Kid-Safe and Pet-Friendly
  • Do-It-Yourself / cost-effective solution to BedBug infestations
  • Economical vs expensive franchise pest control contractors
  • Kills Bed Bugs NOW and destroys BedBug eggs on contact, so NO BedBugs later!


University studies show that EcoBugFREE, the Bedbug Eliminator has a 97% kill rate for bed bugs, after just one spray contact. [the industry standard practice is to treat your home 2-3 times, depending on the size of your BedBug infestation/ population.] Compare our “Do-It-Yourself” success rate, to the [less than 50%] success rate for many of the common toxic pesticides used by expensive franchise pest control companies that advertise on TV. This is why they recommend 2-3 or 5 treatments over several months of follow-up. DO you want “the bug man” walking through your house, over and over and over again? NO !

Do it Yourself. Kill BedBugs NOW with EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator.

Read the “fine print” details at www.FLfresh.com, but EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator is an “EPA- Exempt” BedBug treatment that is guaranteed to solve the problem of a BedBug infestation. It uses naturally occurring minerals and non-toxic elements classified by the EPA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). EcoBugFREE is non-toxic, [Kid-safe and Pet-friendly] for multiple applications and leaves no harmful pesticide residue. Homeowners, renters or landlords only need to point and shoot [use as directed], then, wave “goodbye” to your BedBug problem.

EcoBugFREE, the Bedbug Eliminator is used by commercial property managers as part of their on-going integrated pest management systems in hotels, motels, assisted-living facilities, temporary/transitional housing facilities, as well as movie theaters, community centers, libraries and other high-traffic locations, like bus/train/airplane lounges and office buildings .

The EPA classifies EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator as a “Minimum Risk Pesticide”. You get MAXIMUM results, in the war against BedBugs.

EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator is available at BedBath&Beyond stores across the Southeast USA and other local hardware retail stores and online at www.FLfresh.com