I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for FLfresh.com and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV, but I never dreamed my family would make the big-time of NYC Broadway theatre…… [pronounced the way William Shakey-Spear would have said it…ie: “Theee-A-tur” ]

Tonight is opening night for BEDBUGS!!! -the musical, at the The ArcLight Theatre on West 71 St. the press release says it a “girl-meets-bug sci-fi-rock-musical-comedy”. That’s sounds like MY life. I like to believe all the girls stay up at night dreaming of me, the loveable and friendly, MrBedbug.

Like most TV shows, movies and musical productions they took some “license”, because the star [Chris Hall as Cimex, the Bedbug] is actually the “bad-guy”. How can that possibly BE? We Bedbugs aren’t “bad guys”. We only want to be your friends. The story line is that “Carly”, the female lead character [played by Grace McLean] is so emotionally unstable that she seeks revenge on BedBugs. She sprays too much “bug-juice” and accidentally creates a super-human-sized army of BedBugs instead. [See, we’ve been telling you that those toxic chemicals used by the franchise pest control contractors were bad for you]

The show is described as Rocky Horror meets Little Shop of Horrors, [without Audrey appearently. LOL] The BedBugs seek world-domination. This MUST be fantasy and comedy; because, as we all know, Bedbugs need humans to be alive and healthy. How else can we feed on your tasty human blood?
BEDBUGS!!! with music by Paul Leschen and books/lyrics by Fred Sauter, direction/choreography by Robert Bartley, and musical supervision by Deborah Hurwitz. Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes with intermission.

For more information or to hear a sample of the music, visit BedBugsMusical.com or facebook.com/BedBugsTheMusical.

All the reviews look good. [Who wouldn’t LOVE a show about BedBugs. All MY family is looking forward to the show] Lets hope it has a long run and helps bring an end to the war on BedBugs.

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Learn more about BedBugs at www.FLfresh.com

Learn more about BedBugs at www.FLfresh.com