BedBugs in Cleveland are “Big News”. The national franchise pest control company has named Cleveland to the “Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities” list again for 2013. In fact, Ohio as a whole is popular with BedBugs, because Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron and Canton are ALL on the list. The report above from Michelle Decker NewsNet5/Cleveland

Cleveland ranks #8 on the list, between the other Ohio cities with BedBug problems. The real concern is that BugBugs in Cleveland are expanding at such a rapid rate, we are also on the “fastest growing” sub-list. That means we have more NEW infestations, faster than we can clean the OLD problems. That’s not good for the entire community.

The 2013 list of cities with the highest % increases in bed bug infestations include:

1. Sacramento, Calif. 54%
2. Milwaukee, Wis. 53%
3. Las Vegas, Nev. 50%
4. Columbus, Ohio 47%
5. Baltimore, Md. 46%
8. Cleveland, Ohio 36%

BedBugs are hitch-hikers. They are usually transported from one location to another as people travel, clinging to clothing, luggage, laptop and book bags and other carry-bags or folded clothing and new/used furniture. BedBugs cling to any fabric that smells like humans. The more Bedbug infestation colonies in a city or region, the more likely they are to travel to other new parts of Cleveland…and into YOUR life. If one child carries BedBugs to school, the whole classroom is exposed. If one “parent” goes to work, bringing BedBugs from home, the entire workplace can be infested. BedBugs are in Cleveland movie theaters, Dr Offices, retail stores and libraries. They got there, by traveling in jacket pockets and pantlegs or socks. They can follow YOU home the same way.

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