We get lots of messages and e-mail at www.BedbugNewsReports.com. BedBugs cause lots of panic and fear, so people want ”their” Bedbugs dead and gone…..RIGHT NOW !!! We understand, but sometimes the story is a little different.

MrBedBug at work in the FLfresh LLC corporate offices.

MrBedBug at work in the FLfresh LLC corporate offices.

Hello my “tasty-human” friends. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for FLfresh.com and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News Reports.com

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Now back to the story of a BedBugs in a child’s toy, that isn’t a BedBug. One of the e-mails we got, was from a Grandma, who was visiting from out of town. She had purchased a toy, that honestly, I [the famous] MrBedBug had never heard of. Grandma had found / purchased a fluffy, snuggley-toy, that could be microwaved, to release a soft lavender scent. Appearently this is a popular toy, with an “aroma-therapy” spin to the benefit for a child.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. Grandma and “mom” walked into the childs room after nap-time to discover the kidlet was “covered in BedBugs”. Upon inspection, the adults found “millions” of BedBugs inside the stuffed toy. The e-mail question(s) to me, [the famous] MrBedBug were:
#1 What do we do?
#2 How fast can you ship us some EcoBugFree, the Bedbug Eliminator?
#3 Who can we sue? the store? the manufacturer?

We get lots of mail, as I’ve stated, but this got our attention because: it arrived, as we were actively checking the mail Christmas holiday mail… and NO ONE has “a million BedBugs” hiding in a plush toy. These are great hiding spots for BedBugs, but we like a little elbow room [because we have 6 elbows. Think about it], so to find an infestation with a very large [and day-light visible] population is an odd situation.

cozy-hugs-elephant-bedbugs in toys

cozy-hugs-elephant-bedbugs in toys

I’ll skip the back and forth, and get to the discovery. What grandma had purchased was a “knock-off” import version of a legitimate product that uses plastic / acrylic pellets to fill a plush toy. The import brand is “Cozy Hugs” plush toys, and it is filled with food grains…..and the BedBugs in the child’s toy were not BedBugs, but weevils. Grain weevils both feed on, and lay eggs in grains like corn, rice, wheat, etc. If the toys are shipped with low quality grains inside, or come into contact with grains on the same cargo ship, the weevils will “move right in and start a family”.

A few quick photos of the “Bedbugs” found inside the kid’s toy and I [the famous] MrBedBug knew they were not BedBugs, but weevils and directed Grandma and Mom to the local [Oregon state] agricultural extention service. Pretty soon one of the local Oregon TV stations was reporting something similar about “Cozy Hugs” brand plush toys and the 11 o’clock news had a “bug” headline that didn’t involve “my family” for a change.

Here is a link to the KATU TV /Portland Oregon news story that ran.

And then the follow-up story later in the day. Remember that local reporters are looking for headlines and ratings, so the story is usually much more “scandalous” than this one by Kerry Tomlinson of the KATU TV stations “ Problem Solvers” unit. Congrats to her for providing good info without the “alarm”, hype and panic, we so often see in local TV BedBug stories. As we often say: The BedBugNewsReports.com page are here, so you can learn from the mistakes [and a few successes] of others. In this case, we were able to offer assistance and direction.

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