Good News” is relative, of course. The BedBug News Reports .com web pages are here, so that you can learn from the mistake of others. We don’t often get to report “good news” but this is about as “good” as it gets.

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It is obvious from this KIRO TV 7 News report that the facilities management at the University of Washington are “on the job”. [we always make this disclaimer] We can only comment on what is reported and who knows how accurate local reporters are, but it looks like the U of W team is a winner.

What are the clues?
They are encouraging students to report suspect bites and have taught them to watch for BedBug fecal stains on bedsheets. They are using a canine “BedBug-sniffing Dog” to “double-check” rooms after each complete treatment cycle and trying to get students to resist the urge to “move”. Dragging all their belongings from building to building only means the students are taking the BedBugs with them. The article says they are using low-toxic treatments, steam and “heat-cycling” the students clothing. These are all things we suggest often, here on the pages of the Bedbug News

Make NO mistake, BedBugs are a huge annoyance and a big chore to get rid of, but in mobile and transient housing like college dorms, hostels, hotels/motels and shelters it the #1 issue. Any room is only as “Bedbug-FREE”, as the last person who walk into the room. If BedBugs are a repeat problem for any one, individual student, then the questions should be asked, “Where are YOU going?”. That could help campus facility staff find the infestation in a classroom, library, student lounge with couches or an off-campus party house/frat housing.

Here’s the original KIRO TV 7 News report.

Sometimes keeping a building free of Bedbugs takes a Detective from “CSI-UofW”. Because BedBugs are hitch-hikers, the student(s) are coming into contact with them somewhere, to re-infest a dorm room. I’m General BedBug, and one student’s comment in the news report, is a common sentiment, and it allows the Bedbug-Wars to continue. When the student says, “it’s not my problem, why should I have to deal with it”, My BedBug armies see an opportunity to renew the fight. BedBugs are everyones “fight”. Awareness helps. Thinking you can avoid the problem by moving away or pretending it would happen to you is a sure sign that “we” Bedbugs have another opportunity to spread.

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