Remember the promise we make at Bedbug News [that we will not make fun of anyone who does silly things to exterminate Bedbugs]. Well, sometimes it is REALLY hard to follow that editorial policy.

MrBedBug at work in the FLfresh LLC corporate offices.

MrBedBug at work in the FLfresh LLC corporate offices.

Hello my tasty-human friends. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News

Todays episode of “Did he really do THAT” comes to us from Long Island NewYork. It seems that Scott Kemery, of Bridgehampton, NY was really upset to discover BedBugs in his rental car. If you’ve spent any time at all reading these Bedbug News pages, you know that BedBugs are common in all public transit modes. Bedbugs are hitch-hikers. We cling to any fabric that smells like you tasty-human buffet opportunities. BedBugs want a free ride back to your home, and a rental car is just as handy an option as any other.

As today’s story goes, our “hero”, Scott discovered Bedbugs and decided to solve the problem himself. Instead to complaining directly to the hire-car/ rental agency, [because the car was from Florida], he decided to “do something”. This man-of-action remembered that folklore he had heard. It sounded like a “plan”, so, believing that rubbing alcohol will kill Bedbugs [it won’t as I’ll explain below] He purchased a bottle and proceeded to “git those suckers”. Here’s the news report…. The police commentary is below.

I am the famous MrBedBug. You can trust me when I say that our pal, Scott doesn’t need to worry about Bedbugs in that rental car any more, but the cops had questions. Suffolk, NY Police Arson Detective Sgt. Edward Fitzgerald told NewsDay that they were “pretty sure” the Bedbugs were dead. [I’m just kidding. He said no such thing]

A lot of press-folks jumped on this BedBug story, including the Consumerist. You can read that version HERE.

Det Sgt Fitzgerald did do an investigation to see if the car-fire was an intentional arson case, but it looks like innocent silliness. Mr Kemery is sticking to the story that he rented the car in Florida, for the drive to the Hamptons. When he discovered the BedBugs, a [ill-informed] friend suggested he try killing the “critters” by dumping the alcohol on them. This is the point in our story where the snickers and giggles begin. You see, it takes a LONG time for “drunk” Bedbugs to die. While he waited, Scott decided he need a smoke. Just like we’ve seen Wiley E Coyote do a million times, Scott “flicks his BIC”… pauses, says “Oooops!” and KaBOOM !!

Wiley E Coyote -Boom

Wiley E Coyote -Boom

Yes, Boys and Girls…. Those Saturday Morning cartons were educational.

Do NOT believe the myths and folklore silliness you can find easily on the internet. BedBugs are not a danger that needs immediate response. They are creatures of habit. A BedBug infestation in your home, a rental car or anywhewre else starts with a hitch-hiker. BedBugs cling to any fabric that smells like a tasty-human buffet opportunity. They want to be “near” a tasty-human, so that they can feed and grow a family. Bedbug infestations start small and grow. If you are aware of the signs and symptoms, a huge infestation should never occur, but they do, because tasty-humans are not aware.

Let me [the famous MrBedBug] address the silliness of “alcohol” kills Bedbugs. This is one of those myths that continue on the internet, because technically it could “theoretically” be true. Rubbing alcohol [properly called Isopropyl alcohol] will kill a BedBug, if [ and let me stress IF] it is placed directly on a BedBug and constantly monitored. I often say, “a human will die from water, if your head is held under water too”, but did the water “kill” you? NO, drowning did.

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