I often editorialize about “local” press and how they are predictable in their news coverage of BedBugs. The same is true of Lice, but maybe this time there really is news.

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There is new research showing that lice [ the other un-popular blood-sucker] are beginning to mutate and become immune to the common “pest-control” treatments. This is the troubling results from the work of Dr Kyong Yoon of Southern Illinois University. Yoon [and his colleagues] have been studing multiple populations of lice collected from professional “nit-pickers” across 30 states.

As a side note: WHO KNEW those careers existed !! “What do you want to be when you grow-up, Johnny?” Ooh,oOhh… I wanna be a NIT-PICKER !! Don’t we already have enough of those in Washington DC? LOL

Any-way. Dr Yoon’s work shows a population evolution that in-breeds resistance to the most commonly used pyrethroid treatments. [That’s the active ingredient in those hair-shampoos your kid’s schools and Dr’s offices suggest you buy/use.

SO… Why am I [the famous Mr BedBug ] blogging about Lice, instead of the latest BedBug Treatments? It’s because this is further evidence that the “same old” toxic pest control treatments are become limited in their effectiveness. I have posted over and over that BedBugs have long been generationally-evolving, becoming more and more immune to the ever-more toxic “sprays” that the traditional franchise pest control companies want to use. You’ve read many other posts here on the BedBug News Reports about BedBug research showing this same trend in BedBug control products.

For now, It looks like the lice population is still successfully controlled with traditional, commonly used pyrethroid treatments. Get ready for the day when this isn’t true. That day is already here for BedBugs.

You can read more about Dr Kyong Yoon, and his work at Southern Illinois University in THIS LINK.

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