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In the BedBug Wars, it’s a long way from the “lab” to your bedroom.

We watch the Bedbug researchers. It’s what we do at The “BedBug Wars” are no laughing matter. Entomologist are looking for someone to invent the “laser guided bomb” for BedBugs, because the “nuclear bomb” [ie: evermore toxic chemicals] isn’t a safe option any more.

I’m General BedBug, Commanding Officer of the BedBug Resistance Army and “battle consultant” to and , EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. You can follow my “war-room” briefings to see how the battles move from city to city. I am @GeneralBedbug on Twitter and I do postings like this one on MrBedBug’s YouTube Account @ MrBedbug TV.

The thing you need to know about entomological research is: [much like human drug research] the BIG profit opportunities get the most attention. Whether you like it or not, erectile disfunction drugs make more money than a cure for cancer. “Ant and Roach sprays” are more profitable than any solution to a BedBug infestation, because “spray and pray” [pray that it will work] is effective against ants and roaches. Those products gets very few complaints. BedBugs are a whole other issue. A simple “spray and pray” product will NEVER work. Bedbugs are entomologically different than ants and roaches. Even the best product [like EcoBugFree, the BedBug Eliminator] requires work to make sure the home [or workplace and public areas] are prepared and the product effectively applied. Ants and roaches are the “morons” of the insect world. Bedbugs are the geniuses.

The latest bit of excitement in the BedBug Wars is research done by Regine Gries at Simon Fraser University […]

Are Bedbugs REALLY worth $50 thousand Dollars, in a lawsuit over dreadlocks?

The BedBug News Reports shares a lot of information about the press coverage of Bedbugs and how people react. We hope you learn from the mistakes of others, so YOUR Bedbug exposure is low and any infestation is quickly cleaned, before it becomes a huge infestation. Today’s news story offers lots and lots of “teachable” moments.

Here’s the short version of the story.

A high school tennis coach and her girls tennis team travels to Palatine Illinois, near Chicago and found BedBugs in her hotel room. Evidently the hotel informed her that she would need to change rooms, the second day, because of Bedbugs in the first hotel room. The details are a little thin in the news report and so we are forced to leap to some assumptions, never a good idea, but here we go. [also notice we are not reporting this woman’s name]

The coach went to a local walk-in clinic, because she had BedBug bites on her hands, arms and shoulders. The Doctor(s) told her she would have to cut-off her dreadlocks, to get rid of the Bedbugs. She was mad. I would be too. She claims it took her 12 years to grow the dreadlocks and she thinks it’s worth $50k in “damages”. You can read the original article about the woman who sued Holiday Inn, when she had to cut her hair because of Bedbugs in her hotel room… AT THIS LINK.

All we know is what was reported, but there are some common sense problems with this story. Lets take them one at a time, in no particular order.

Every human’s reaction to […]

Mr BedBug Predictions for 2013 with Sidney Friedman

I’m Mr BedBug, [Chief SpokesBug for] and as I sit here reviewing the top BedBug News Reports of 2013, I came across a career-changing opportunity.

I discovered a “tasty-human” by the name of Sidney Friedman. He has a barrage of press releases claiming that he is a psychic – futurist. I’m not real sure what that means in the way of work-hours, office schedule or benefits package, but I think I can pass the “experience” requirement.

I reviewed the work-load from 2013, and as the “tasty-human” kids say: “I got this”. You see he is predicting the future, but I can do it too. Now you might think: “WoW, that would be tough”, but appearently it’s not.

He is predicting ….[hold your breath and prepare to be amazed]

>> The new Pope will visit North America. The fact that EVERY “new” Pope visits the USA, make this a real risky prediction.

Here’s an amazing prediction that NO ONE but a trained psychic would guess… Umm, I mean predict…
>> Kanye and KimK’s wedding will be televised live, and they will donate some $$ to charity.
I am a BedBug, not a celebrity-crazed 13 year old teenage human girl, but I’m thinking this is a low-risk prediction too. Didn’t the LAST wedding that this sex-tape Princess have end up on TV too?

Up next….
>> Snow will fall in Florida. OK, this one is a challenge, but has enough loop-holes to drive a truck thru. One little crystal could qualify as “snow”. Come to think of it, as a back-up, Remember that the special effects people […]

BedBugs in Denver close West High School

Denver is on the list of the “Top 10 BedBug infested cities”, so it is no wonder that they’ve been found at West High School. BedBugs are “hitch-hikers”, so they will cling to any fabric that smells like a human…. moving from place to place, looking for the next meal. That meal is YOU, because the only food source for a BedBug is human blood.

BedBugs move from place to place looking for a reliable, convenient meal and a place to breed, just like humans. Robert Hancock, Professor at Metropolitan State University tells Jaclyn Allen of ABC7 News the story. The only solution to a BedBug infestation is to avoid the area, then work to KILL the BedBugs. Repellant sprays and 1/2 measures do NOT work. One single female BedBug can restart an infestation, so all the students and parents should be aware and learn what BedBugs look like. Watch for the signs of BedBug bites too, since there is no way to know how long the BedBugs were in West High School, before they were discovered. Small red insect-bite-mark are the first sign of a new infestation in your home. It’s important to take action, as soon as you suspect a BedBug infestation. It’s also important to know that BedBugs can be anywhere. They arrived at West High School from someone’s clothing or bookbag. They can leave and follow any child or teacher home, using the same travel-method.

Professor Hancock is correct. A school isn’t an ideal home for BedBugs, so they will look for a transport-host to help them travel to a new better “home”. Bedbugs […]

BedBugs in Richmond VA Public Housing could infest YOUR home

I am Mr BugBug [Chief SpokesBUG for]. We built the website: BedBug News Reports, so YOU could learn from the mistakes of others. This report by Lorenzo Hall of WTVR – CBS6 shows us why BedBugs in Richmond are so bad, the city is recognized on the annual “Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities” list again in 2013.

Let me lead you thru the long list of things we can learn from this story, starting with the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority. It is really easy for reporters to do stories about BedBugs in public housing, elder-care facilities and VA housing. They reinforce the [untrue] stereotype that BedBugs only infest the poor or the dirty. Nothing could be further from the truth [I’ll talk more about this in a moment]

The editors of BedBug News Reports see LOTS of stories about BedBugs in Richmond and the other cities on the “Top 100 Most BedBug Infested Cities” list. A common “theme” is a lack of prompt response-time, to resident complains and no coordinated effort by residents. BedBugs are hitch-hikers. The cleanest home can have the beginings of a Bedbug infestation in any Richmond/Petersburg area home, if a single BedBug arrives, clinging to a pant-leg, jacket or the kid’s bookbag. The circle of trouble starts if residents don’t know the early signs of a BedBug infestation. When property management [at any facility, not just RRHA] isn’t prompt in attacking the problem, the infestation grows. The residents re-spread the bed bugs to other school and workplaces, and the BedBugs will travel, walking from […]

BedBugs in Los Angeles “bug” renters….and LandLords

Los Angeles is on the Top 10 BedBug Infested Cities list for a reason. They are everywhere, including the glittery hills of Hollywood. When tenants, landlords and the LA County Health Department can’t work together it creates “drama in Tinsle-town”.

This news report by Ana Gargia of NBC4 TV News is pretty common, and there is a lot to learn about BedBugs… and how to deal with a BedBug infestation in Los Angeles.

Lets start with the tenant(s). Early detection is key. The earlier you are aware of the BedBugs, the easier it is to KILL them. They did the right things, just not effectively. The first indication of trouble most homeowners [in all of the Top 100 BedBug Infested cities] notice is the red-bump, BedBug bite marks. [We will talk about the use of those “insect foggers, later in this post.]

Next, Lets talk about the landlord. BedBug infestations are expensive to deal with. Hotels/Motels don’t like the cost, when they are accused of being a source of Bedbugs. Airlines, movie theaters and other public places don’t like claims of BedBugs either, but they are a reality. BedBugs are everywhere in Los Angeles. In fact, Mr BedBug, [the Chief SpokesBug for] has his own TV Channel, MrBedBugTV at YouTube, because he has dreams of “stardom”, like every other semi-celebrity arriving on a bus from Paluka-Ville.] A landlord with BedBug problems needs to read the newsletter -13 Things every Landlord should Know about BedBugs at It’s a good “script” for tenants to read too. Essentially, […]

What does it look like, when BedBugs bite?

I am Mr BedBug, [Chief SpokesBug for] and Editor of the Bedbug News I am constantly asked questions about Bedbugs, for the obvious reason… I am one! My team of “tasty-humans” helped me build this website, so I could better spread the message about BedBug treatments and “knock-down” some of the myths, half-truths and folklore that has popped up on the internet. I am amazed at the absolute stupidity that passes for “BedBug information” online, but more commonly the real problem is the incompleteness of info that is “reported”. That’s usually the real problem.

We often take reporters to task on these pages, not for “wrong” information, but missing details that allow assumption to be made. One of the best TV pieces done on BedBugs is by Liz Bonnin of a BBC TV programme called “Bang Goes the Theory”. In the clip above she visits Dr James Logan / London School of Tropical Medicine and watches a BedBug take a blood-meal.

The “take-away info here is:
1)BedBugs have a pain-deadener in their saliva, so you won’t notice the “bite”, unlike a mosquito.

2) If uninterrupted, BedBugs will feed for several minutes until full. The BedBug in the TV episode was very hungry, she bit/attached and finished a meal without a break. Most BedBugs will bite, feed, release, excrete-while moving forward slightly and repeat the process. Entomologist call it “breakfast, lunch and dinner” feeding-cycle. Bite marks in this pattern are tell-tale signs of BedBugs, but this mature female did NOT do that. When determining whether you have Bed Bugs, remember the […]

BedBugs in Lexington are famous because of Frankfort home infestation case.

I am Mr BedBug, The [Chief SpokesBug for] and the Editor for BedBug News We created this website so YOU could learn from the mistakes [and maybe successes] of others fighting BedBugs in Lexington and Frankfort. Every year the national pest control franchises put out a PR Blitz, and the Bedbugs in Lexington are so prevalent, we are included as one of the “Top 100 Most BedBug Infested Cities”. That’s not the news that helps sell homes, grow the industry coming to the area or make the Mayor and Chamber of Commerce happy.

The latest case of BedBug infestation in Frankfort is one of the worst I’ve seen in a while, but it make a good learning situation for everyone involved. An elderly woman [living alone] was found in her BedBug infested home, and the community rallied and volunteer experts arrived. Michael Potter of the University of Kentucky Entomology Department took the time to learn more about the BedBugs too. Since the homeowner was evacuated to a hospital [and later to a care-facility], the BedBug infested house in Frankfort became a research lab, before real “cleaning” began.

It is burried in the news report above, but a selected sample of BedBugs were “painted” to help ID them later. BedBugs can be very mobile when searching for a blood-meal feeding. BedBugs are unlike other insects, they do not consume filth, grime or eat other insects. Their only food source is human blood. The homeowner was “supporting” a colony of 10 thousand BedBugs. As you can see in the video report by ABC36 – […]

Trained dogs find BedBugs in Dallas

Lots of news reports tell you where Bedbugs have been found. When the national pest control companies release the “Top 50 Most BedBug infested Cities” list, Local reporters at newspaper and TV stations across the USA have a field day. We’ve all seen those reports, but all you really care about is: How do you know if you have BedBugs in YOUR home.

I’m Mr BedBug, [the Chief SpokesBUG for] That’s the #1 question I get in my e-mail and on social media [contact me @ my accounts, listed below] The press coverage about BedBugs tends to cause some panic, because reporters are always looking for the most attention-getting “angle”. There REAL job is to get viewers/ratings, NOT to deliver real accurate information. That’s a little harsh, because most reporters try to do a “good job”, but they aren’t experts on every subject and after finishing a news report on BedBugs today, they will talk about home improvement scams or potholes on the highway tomorrow. That’s the nature of the job, as a local news reporter.

These BedBug News Reports pages are design to help you learn from the mistakes of others. We also use it as an out-reach to local reporters to help them learn the facts, and stop repeating some common myths about BedBugs. When we see a “winner”, we tell them so too.

Rebecca Lopez of WFAA-TV /Dallas has a very nice, concise report about BedBug-sniffing dogs. We are used to drug-dogs and bomb-dogs, because of those very real inspection needs, but BedBugs “stink” too. […]

Bedbug solutions could be more harmful than the problem

The Center for Disease Control [CDC in Atlanta] reports increasing negative effects from the over-use [and incorrect use] of pest control products, often related to the frustrations from a BedBug infestation.

Because BedBugs are more resistant to common insecticides, there use is ineffective, but consumers seen to be unaware of this and over-dose infested areas in the hope that “more” will be effective.

Last year, at least one death was attributed to the over-use of common pesticides. Reports say the her death involved more than just pesticides, she had a history of renal failure, a heart attack, at least 2 coronary stents, some diabetes, hypertension, and she was taking about 10 medications. The last thing she needed was BedBugs too. She complained about the bedbugs to her husband, who used common insecticide on the baseboards, walls, and around the bed. He sprayed another “bugspray” [not recommended for BedBugs] on the mattress too. The next step was to set off [reportedly] 8 or 9 cans of insecticide fogger, the same day. When his wife saw no immediate results, he repeated the efforts. Later, the woman applied another flea/tick insecticide to her arms, chest, and on her hair, before wrapping it with a plastic cap.

It is no surprise that 2 days later, the husband found his wife “non-responsive” and called 911. She passed away, nine days later, in the hospital. The CDC says her death was “unusual”, but the over-use of incorrect [or inappropriate] insecticides is a common problem.

I am Mr BedBug, Chief SpokesBUG for We post these news […]

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