Bed Bugs in Vermont

Vermont infestations of bedbugs

A rare case where a homeowner can sue someone, because of Bedbugs.

Lots of people threaten to “sue someone” because of a Bedbug infestation. On the pages of, We generally advise that the time and money should be spent cleaning the BedBug infestation, not keeping the unemployment rate low for attorneys, BUT… in a new case that’s getting lots of attention, a lawsuit is a valid response.

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Let me also say, I’m MrBedbug, not AttyBedBug, but there is lots to learn here. That’s why the exist, so you can learn from the mistakes of others. The Whitney family can teach us a lot.

Lets start with the basics. Neil and Patricia Whitney work hard to provide for their son and were also the 2008 “Foster Parents of the Year”, so when the Vermont social agency called asking them to take another foster child, they didn’t think twice. The child came from a Bedbug infested home, so the state child services rep promised there would be no BedBugs delivered with the child, but if it happened, they [the state agency] would clean the BedBug infestation.

MISTAKE #1 Any time that anyone is aware of contact with a BedBug, you should take extreme caution to make sure no Bedbugs or the eggs are clinging to clothes, suitcases/book-bags, used furniture or other belongings brought into the “clean” home /apartment. It doen’t matter where this child came from. The same could be true for a Grandchild visiting from an infested home too. BedBugs are tiny and sneaky. […]