BedBugs in Fort Worth

Why it doesn’t matter if New York City is the #1 “BedBug City in the USA”?

If New York City is not proud of its new distinction as “winner” in the Top 10 BedBug Infested Cities report out today, you can’t blame them . It’s not great PR, but this new resurgence of BedBugs effects people all across the USA… even those who live far from the Big Apple.

From New York’s glamorous high-rise buildings to the smallest public housing complex in Fort Worth Texas, bedbug infestations are “big business” for the national pest control companies. Terminix and Orkin fan the flames to BedBug fear, with these PR announcements of which cities are more [or less] infested. It’s not a competition that any Mayor wants to win.

BedBugs are a growing problem. In the last 3 years, Terminix reports a doubling of it’s BedBug complain calls. Where are all the BedBugs coming from? It’s not an easy question to answer, but the same situations keep repeating themselves, so we have some clues.

The common availability of international travel is an important part of the problem. BedBugs were almost completely eradicated in the USA, but when DDT was banned, [because of safety concerns for children and the weak] there was no research done on alternatives. When the BedBug outbreaks were localized, not much publicity followed. Today, BedBugs are a problem everywhere in the USA and the BedBugs have become “immune” to most of the harsh chemical the pest control contractors use.

The Big Apple had been hit hard. Former President Bill Clinton had an outbreak at his Harlem office, as did retailers Victoria’s Secret, teen clothing store Hollister, the movie theaters in Times Square, […]

2012 is “The Year of BedBugs” in Dallas /Fort Worth

Every year, Orkin the pest control people put out a press release. It “honors” the Top 10 BedBug Infested Cities. Up until now, we dodged the bullet in Dallas / Fort Worth, but not any longer. I doubt crowds will gather outside the stadium and cheer: We’re #7, We’re #7 !!

BedBugs are back with a vengence nation-wide and it looks like Dallas / Fort Worth is an “up and comer”, because of a lack of awareness. BedBugs travel by clinging to any fabric that smells like humans. We are their only food source, so they must stay close. When a city doesn’t make prevention a priority, with treatments and awareness, an explosion of BedBugs infest the entire metro, like has happened this year in Dallas / Fort Worth.

How did Dallas / Fort Worth become #7 of the list of The Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities? It is actually pretty easy. BedBugs don’t discriminate. They feed on human blood, anyone will do. They will bite “the rich” and poor, kids and old-folks, in any neighborhood around here. Everyone is at risk, because BedBugs are now so common in Dallas / Fort Worth. D-magazine may question the motives of the folks at Orkin, and MrBedBug doesn’t disagree with that conclusion.

The national pest control companies use these press-releases for publicity. Jason is right, it’s not very scientific in how they rank cities as the #1 to #50 or Top 100 Most BedBug Infested Cities. The problem is: […]

ABC News reports on the BedBug epidemic.

Federal, State and local authorities are feeling the heat. Citizen demands to “Do Something” about BedBugs are on the rise.

Lexington Ky apartment residents made the national news, because they were kicked out of their homes. In Fort Worth Texas, [as in many other city municipal housing agencies], the number one resident complain is BedBugs. Seattle is seeing BedBug reports increase faster than any other city this year. Cities all across the country are seeing an increase in BedBug activity, and the only ones happy about it are the pest control companies [with expensive services to sell] and Mr BedBug.

What you are just discovering is: BedBugs only feed on human blood, so they will stay as close to us as possible.. [That’s why “MrBedbug” always says: “Hello, my tasty-human friends”. ] BedBugs are associated with your bed, because it is the easiest place for BedBugs to feed. You are motionless, and asleep, unaware that BedBugs consider you an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.

As reported in this BedBug news report, these little blood-suckers can be anywhere. They are hitchhikers and will cling to any fabric that smells like us. The AMC movie theater in Times Square / New York City just happened to be the example given by Lindsey Davis of ABC News, but BedBugs are found anywhere humans gather. The BedBug News staff see stories of BedBug infestations sources in rental cars and city buses, in Dr offices, and dry cleaners and laundrymats and of course, used furniture stores.

BedBugs are such a problem, some state officials around the country are asking […]