Bed Bugs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma infestations of bedbugs

BedBugs are “GUILTY” of infesting the Tulsa [Oklahoma] County Courthouse.

Here’s another example of my BedBug family following tasty-humans everywhere you go… even to the courthouse. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV and here to help you learn how to avoid a BedBug infestation.

BedBug News is here to help you learn from the mistakes of others, but it looks like the Tulsa County [Oklahoma] Courthouse staff has a plan in place. We like to report on the SUCCESS stories too, because we rarely see them in the news. You see, most people watching this news report by Morgan Downing of Fox23 KOKI TV in Tulsa Oklahoma would think “Oh NO, BedBugs.” But I think… “Congratulations Tulsa County Courthouse Staff, Good Job.” See the original TV News report here.

I only know what was included in the news report, but appearantly this wasn’t the first incidence of BedBugs in the Tulsa County Courthouse. The staff was trained to notice BedBugs, areas were “quarantined” and cleaning was immediately scheduled. That’s about as good as it gets in a public municipal building.

I’m MrBedBug and here’s what you should know. BedBugs are hitch-hikers. As in this story, a person walked into the Tulsa Couty Courthouse with a Bedbug “hitch-hiking” along for the ride. Most people falsely assume that BedBugs live near BEDS, but that’s not true at all. We think you humans are SO tasty. BedBugs are a growing problem in movie theaters, in airplanes and on taxi and bus seats, plus Dr Offices, hospitals, ALFs and, yes, even Courthouses. […]