Bed Bugs in Ohio

Ohio infestations of bedbugs

Bedbugs in Sandusky Ohio pre-K school offers lesson for everyone.

Did you hear about the pre-K school that closed, because of a BedBug infestation? Probably not. Since Ohio has more cities on the Top 50 Most BedBug Infested Cities list, than any other State it’s become common place. What isn’t common is: reporting that helps others learn what you need to know about Bedbugs in YOUR kids, school, church, day-care, dance class or other activities.

Hello, my tasty-human friends. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News

The reporters at were NOT flooded with reports about BedBugs in a Sandusky Ohio pre-K, because it’s not “news” any more. OHIO is the USA leader in BedBug infestations and that won’t EVER change until communities start to work together.

I [the famous MrBedBug] post this all the time, but the basics are: BedBugs are hitch-hikers and cling to any fabric that smells like a tasty-human buffet opportunity. That means YOU [and your children] can come into contact with them, almost anywhere. We report on BedBugs found in businesses, churches, offices, buses, trains, rental cars and DMV offices too. There was a recent flurry of reports all around the USA, about Bedbugs in the Library that we dealt with for a while too. [it was a “me too” media storm, more than any real new info.]
I’m not going to name the pre-K school in this post. It is pointless and bad PR, since they did all the right things. What were the “right […]

Real advice: How to get rid of Bedbugs [Part 32]

We get a LOT of e-mail questions about BedBugs at BedBug News They usually start with: “What the hell can I do to get rid of these #%* BedBugs?”

Hello my tasty-human friends. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News

Our goal around here is to educate, so lets take today’s letter and see what we can learn. Like Kasey Kasem used to say, “This long-distance dedication comes to us from Connie in Columbus, Ohio”.

She writes:
Dear Mr BedBug,
“What can I do to get rid of these #%* BedBugs?”
I’ve paid pest control companies to come out (twice) and a heat treatment guy made big promises too. They all had me sign paperwork that I understand there are “no guarantees”, but the only thing guaranteed is that the BedBugs are back in my house.
My kid has BedBug bites down his leg, so he looks like he has the measles. I’m pregnant and worried about being around the toxic chemicals I just read about on your blog-thing.
What do I do?
Signed, Concerned in Columbus, Ohio.

Dear Concerned (Connie)
I’m [the famous] Mr BedBug, and I’m here to help. I’ve selected your letter to post as a teaching-example [ FYI- I’ve also sent Teresa a personal e-mail, to discuss her specifics further].

You are not alone. Every major city in OHIO is on the Top 50 Most BedBug Infested Cities list, and OHIO is the #1 State. Congratulations?

Lets take your letter apart, one item at a time.

First, Pest control […]

BedBugs here? Bedbugs there? Columbus is a “Top 50 Most BedBug Infested City”

BedBugs are a huge problem all across Ohio, and Columbus is leading the way. If you wonder “why” and “how” BedBugs could get into YOUR home….. here’s a tip. They take the COTA Bus !!!!

Hello my “Tasty-Human Friends”. I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News

The web pages are here to help you learn from the mistake of others…and there are LOTS of “mistake” to learn from here, in this WSYX / ABC 6 TV news report. You see BedBugs are hitch-hikers. They will cling to any fabric that smells like a tasty-human all-you-can-eat-buffet. COTA busses just help “my” Bedbug family move around the city…and we aren’t buying a bus-pass either. All of Ohio is on the “Top 50 Most Bedbug Infested Cities” list for 2015. Because BedBugs are so common in Columbus, [and Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Canton, even Toledo joined the list this year], You should expect to find Bedbugs somewhere in your travels each day.

It’s easy for the TV reporters and newspaper writers to create “scandalous” headlines to create ratings, I KNOW, because I’m the star at
MrBedBugTV….on YouTube . Offering a solution to the problem of Bedbugs in Columbus is a bit more difficult [but I will try, below]. You see these news stories usually come in waves. As the chief editor of the, I see these stories from a national level. I was always curious, until I found out the […]

2014 Top 50 Most BedBug Infested Cities list.

Just like the Oscar awards ceremony and the SuperBowl, once per year it’s time for the annual Top 50 Most Bedbug Infested Cities “competition”. Can I have the envelope? please. These are the cities that will get the most local TV and newspaper coverage of the Bedbug Wars, in the next few months, on the

I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News

Here is the List by Ranking –
[and if they moved UP+ or DOWN- from last year]

#1 – Chicago Il. [Congratulate our 2-time winner]
#2 – Los Angeles Ca. (+1)
#3 – Columbus, Ohio (+3)
#4 – Detroit Mi.(-2)
#5 – Cincinnati Oh.
#6 – Cleveland/Akron/Canton Oh. (+2)
#7 – Dayton Oh. (+4)
#8 – Washington DC. (-1)
#9 – Denver Co. (-5)
#10 – Indianapolis In. (+6)
#11 – Richmond/Petersburg Va. (+1)
#12 – Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC. (+3)
#13 – Dallas/Ft. Worth Tx. (-4)
#14 – Syracuse NY. (+7)
#15 – Atlanta Ga.(+14)
#16 – Houston Tx. (+2)
#17 – New York City NY. (-7)
#18 – Seattle/Tacoma Wa. (-5)
#19 – San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose Ca. (-5)
#20 – Boston Ma. (+2)
#21 – Milwaukee Wi.(-2)
#22 – Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Fl. (+3)
#23 – Nashville Tn. (+17)
#24 – Pittsburgh Pa. (+12)
#25 – Charlotte NC. (+18)
#26 – San Diego Ca.(+6)
#27 – Baltimore Md. (-7)
#28 – Phoenix Az. (+7)
#29 – Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (+4)
#30 – Charleston/Huntington, W.Va. (+1)
#31 – Knoxville, Tenn. (-4)
#32 – Louisville, Ky. (-2)
#33 – Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Mich. (+5)
#34 – Hartford/New Haven, Conn. (-8)
#35 – Champaign / Springfield, Ill. (+13)
#36 – Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville, S.C. (+11)
#37 – Omaha, Neb. (-20)
#38 – Buffalo, N.Y. (-10)
#39 – Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, […]

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Whetstone High School latest BedBug story in Columbus

Columbus is atop the list of the “Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities” again, so it is no surprise to find a News Report of Bedbugs at Whetstone High School. Experts say that these unwanted insects remain a major problem in central Ohio, showing up everywhere from hotels to movie theaters and Columbus schools. Officials say the few bed bugs that were found are now gone. First reports were from a letter, sent home from school, saying that two bed bugs were found inside of the building. A Columbus City Schools spokesperson says a pest control company treated the problem and there were no reports of any bites on students or staff. The school says that the bugs were taken care of and this is not an infestation.

I am Mr BedBug, [Chief SpokesBUG for I’m the editor for BedBug News Reports because I know BedBugs. While it is true that catching a BedBug infestation early is preferable, claims that no one was bitten and “two BedBugs” is not an infestation are wrong. BedBugs are hitch-hikers. We cling to any fabric that smells like a human. The BedBugs arrived at the school with a teacher, staff member or student. They can leave the same way. Any BedBug [OK, two or more] is an infestation.

What parents need to know is:
Was my child ever in that specific classroom?
Is my child a part of the social circle of the children in that classroom.

Don’t panic. BedBugs do not spread disease, like mosquitos, or ticks. BedBugs are […]

BedBugs in Cleveland rock-n-roll the city.

BedBugs in Cleveland are “Big News”. The national franchise pest control company has named Cleveland to the “Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities” list again for 2013. In fact, Ohio as a whole is popular with BedBugs, because Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron and Canton are ALL on the list. The report above from Michelle Decker NewsNet5/Cleveland

Cleveland ranks #8 on the list, between the other Ohio cities with BedBug problems. The real concern is that BugBugs in Cleveland are expanding at such a rapid rate, we are also on the “fastest growing” sub-list. That means we have more NEW infestations, faster than we can clean the OLD problems. That’s not good for the entire community.

The 2013 list of cities with the highest % increases in bed bug infestations include:

1. Sacramento, Calif. 54%
2. Milwaukee, Wis. 53%
3. Las Vegas, Nev. 50%
4. Columbus, Ohio 47%
5. Baltimore, Md. 46%
8. Cleveland, Ohio 36%

BedBugs are hitch-hikers. They are usually transported from one location to another as people travel, clinging to clothing, luggage, laptop and book bags and other carry-bags or folded clothing and new/used furniture. BedBugs cling to any fabric that smells like humans. The more Bedbug infestation colonies in a city or region, the more likely they are to travel to other new parts of Cleveland…and into YOUR life. If one child carries BedBugs to school, the whole classroom is exposed. If one “parent” goes to work, bringing BedBugs from home, the entire workplace can be infested. BedBugs are in Cleveland movie theaters, Dr Offices, retail […]

Bedbugs in Columbus keeps Hamilton County on the Top 10 list

The “Decade of the BedBug” is in full blown panic-mode here in Columbus. The national pest control companies release a PR-flood of announcement and the media picks up the story. Columbus has a city-wide BedBug infestation….so your neighbor’s homes, the kid’s schools, the movie theater and the Dr offices are all infested with BedBugs, just waiting to follow you home.

While the press reports are a little over-done, the facts are: Ohio has more BedBugs than any other State. Cincinnati tops the list, but it is no great achievement to be ranked #5. The Top 100 Most BedBug infested Cities list is really just a talking point for the local news and a sales tool for the pest control companies. Here is the Columbus Dispatch report about the BedBugs in Columbus and Franklin County.

How do we know the BedBug problem in Columbus/Franklin County is “bad”? When the editors at New York Magazine are proud to report that 6 cities are ranked worse than NYC, those places have a BedBug problem. Here’s the article.

What really matters is: Do you have BedBugs in YOUR home. If each of us would be responsible for our own little corner of Columbus, we would drop from the Top 10 Most Bedbug Infested Cities in a heart-beat. Other cities have done it. You can keep BedBugs out of your life. Read how BedBugs live, hide, breed and travel around Columbus. All the information you need is posted [for FREE] on The major pest control companies DO NOT want you to know about prevention and BedBug […]

Cincinnati is #1, the Most BedBug Infested City in the USA

It’s the battle of the BedBug press releases…. and the only winners are the companies that sell pest control. Fear is a great motivator, so having Cincinnati pop up as the “#1 Most BedBug Infested City” is going to make everyone in Hamilton County start itching. Aren’t you glad you read the USA Today newspaper?

The newest press release is from Terminix, but the helpful folks over at Orkin grab headlines with their version of this panic-inducing report once a year too. Make no mistake, BedBugs in Cincinnati are a problem, and most of Ohio seems to have the same problem. What the major advertisers don’t want you to know is: You can clean-up a BedBug infestation yourself. It is NOT a fun, D-I-Y project, but the work performed to kill BedBugs can be done, without “technical training”. While it is true that only Ohio state licensed pest control contractors can apply the harsh chemical THEY recommend, why would you want those toxic substances in your home. has an extensive library of information about the life-cycle of BedBugs. Once you know how they live and where they hide, you will discover that you really can clean a BedBug infestation yourself. EcoBugFREE is a non-toxic, [kid safe and pet- friendly] solution to a BedBug infestation. What you will learn is: 90% of the work needed to kill BedBugs is area preparation and planning. Why hire an expensive national pest control service? They will ask you to do all this “prep” work anyway, or charge you extra to bring […]

Top 50 Most BedBug Infested Cities in the USA

There is a scene in the Steve Martin comedy movie [called “The Jerk”] inwhich the character [Navin R. Johnson] is overly-excited by the arrival of the new phonebook. He thinks he is “somebody”, because his name is in print. The old saying, “any publicity is good publicity” does NOT always apply….. like when the new annual “Top 50 Most BedBug Infested Cities in the USA” list is published.

Contrary to what “Navin” believes [“This is the kind of spontaneous publicity that “makes people”] most Mayors, Chambers of Commerce and City Health Departments would rather NOT be recognized for the inglorious achievement of being on the list, but there they are. Both Orkin and Terminex play this game with PR/news releases as a way to hype the franchise pest control services they sell. The list are not really very scientific, but actually based of the number of service calls received in each city. This introduces reporting variables that have nothing to do with the level of BedBug infestations, but lets allow them to have their “fun” at the expensive of Municipal reputation all across the USA.

Here is the Top 50 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities List [per the newest Orkin press release.]

1. Chicago Il (moving up +1 spot to be the New #1, like Casey Kasum used to say)
2. Detroit MI (up +1)
3. Los Angeles Calif (up +2)
4. Denver Colo (holding steady at #4)
5. Cincinnati Ohio (down the list -4 places, but everyone else in Ohio is “catching-up” fast. )
6. Columbus, Ohio (still ranked #6, but workin’ hard to break that Top 5 goal.) […]

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BedBug Infestations in Ohio create Bad PR

Ohio is a LOSER winner in the “BedBug Wars”. Three cities achieved “fame” on the “Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities” list again for 2012. Every year the national franchise pest control companies release a PR Flood, ranking cities across the US. Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton are listed as “Fastest growing” cities, while Cleveland, Akron and are in the “Top 100”.

In response, The Stark County Health Department and other regional agencies around Ohio are forming “Bedbug Task Forces”, to educate citizens and businesses. Stark County’s efforts combine the resources of the Canton, Massillon and Alliance city health departments into one BedBug army. Courtney Myers of the Stark County Health Department was quoted in local press reports saying she believes pooling resources will allow the coalition to better educate residents and communicate in the search for ways to slow the spread of Bedbugs in Canton, and across Ohio. “We do have a number of large cities here in Ohio that are close together,” Myers said. “We all drive from Canton. We drive to Columbus for the weekend. We drive to Cleveland, so we’re going to pass along the bed bugs.”

Meyers warned consumers to be especially careful when buying used furniture since bed bugs can live in furniture for up to a year and a half without a feeding. Residents should also keep their eyes open when staying at hotels and visiting unfamiliar homes.
[Editors Note] Entomology research labs have found BedBugs that can live up to 12-13 months in a controlled environment, but “in the wild”, adult BedBugs can really only survive about 3-5 months without a “blood-meal”. Nymphs [or […]