Bed Bugs in North Dakota

North Dakota infestations of bedbugs

Morehead Mn is the latest place where BedBugs, Public Housing and “dumb” makes headlines.

If ever there was a classic news story about BedBugs and the poor response from a public housing administration officials the folks at KVLY-TV /KXJB-TV “Valley LIVE”, the NBC TV station in Moorhead Minnesota /Fargo/Grand Forks, North Dakota have it. We post a LOT of press coverage about BedBugs. We do it so YOU can learn from the mistakes of others…..
WoW ! Today we are going to learn a LOT.

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As I always say, we don’t NOT post these articles to point-fingers or make fun of public officials. We only know what is reported [fully or not] by the local newspapers or TV stations. Our goal is to help you understand that BedBugs are different than ants, roaches, ticks, spiders, mosquitos and other household [or public nuisence] pests. Lets take this situation apart, one piece at a time and see what we can learn.

#1 > Moorhead Minnesota residents in the Sharp View Apartments aren’t too happy. Residents have captured and documented over 10 BedBugs.
If you have more than one resident with BedBug complaints, you need to plan for cleaning the infestation of the entire facility. City/Municipal Housing Directors HATE THIS, and don’t want to do it, because it is expensive, but when an infestion is so imbedded [no pun intended] that residents can “catch” BedBugs…There are a LOT OF BEDBUGS.

#2 > We are sorry that the lady missed Thanksgiving with her 100 year old grandmom. Public misunderstanding of BedBugs is common, but […]