The “Decade of the BedBug” is in full blown panic-mode here in Columbus. The national pest control companies release a PR-flood of announcement and the media picks up the story. Columbus has a city-wide BedBug infestation….so your neighbor’s homes, the kid’s schools, the movie theater and the Dr offices are all infested with BedBugs, just waiting to follow you home.

While the press reports are a little over-done, the facts are: Ohio has more BedBugs than any other State. Cincinnati tops the list, but it is no great achievement to be ranked #5. The Top 100 Most BedBug infested Cities list is really just a talking point for the local news and a sales tool for the pest control companies. Here is the Columbus Dispatch report about the BedBugs in Columbus and Franklin County.

How do we know the BedBug problem in Columbus/Franklin County is “bad”? When the editors at New York Magazine are proud to report that 6 cities are ranked worse than NYC, those places have a BedBug problem. Here’s the article.

What really matters is: Do you have BedBugs in YOUR home. If each of us would be responsible for our own little corner of Columbus, we would drop from the Top 10 Most Bedbug Infested Cities in a heart-beat. Other cities have done it. You can keep BedBugs out of your life. Read how BedBugs live, hide, breed and travel around Columbus. All the information you need is posted [for FREE] on The major pest control companies DO NOT want you to know about prevention and BedBug […]