Bed Bugs in Nevada

Nevada infestations of bedbugs

5 things you need to know about hotel rooms article, includes Bedbugs [again] but not for the “right” reason.

USAtoday is out with [another] headline grabbing story. They hope it will grab readers [it must have worked, because here I am talking about it], but the facts are a little light. “McPaper” has always been accused of being light on substance in the “news” department, but this article seems designed to just be a PR/support piece for union-housekeepers in the major cities…. with a little “hate” for BedBugs thrown into the mix. I guess I’m overly sensitive, but these “5 myths about hotel housekeeping” do NOT really seem to be…. Umm… myths…. And the “facts about Bedbugs” are missing.

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I’m not disputing the thesis that hotel housekeeping isn’t a tough and tedious job. Just like the old joke about how people drive rental cars, everyone uses hotel rooms like that too. I get it, but isn’t that the “job description”. Come on! We all know “sanitation engineers”, chemical plant workers and other “nasty jobs” exist. In fact, “TV regular guy”, Mike Rowe has found TV fame with a “Dirty Jobs” show on the Discovery Channel that does nothing but celebrate these “your life could be worse” jobs of all types. Watch episodes HERE

So back we return to the USA today article that you can read HERE. I spend a LOT of time in hotel rooms, both literally and figuaratively [since I am Mr BedBug after all] I do like the idea of a “tip envelope” for housekeeping, and […]

BedBugs in Las Vegas get the City ranked #3 in the USA

BedBugs in Las Vegas hotels are gaining a reputation for sending visitors home with unpleasant memories. The last thing a convention/vacation-travel destination needs is to give planners one more reason to reconsider choosing a different location, but the new report by the franchise national pest control company has done just that. Las Vegas is #3 on the 2013 “Top 10 Most BedBug Infested Cities . Sacramento and Milwaukee have nothing to brag about either. They were #1 and #2.

In fairness, the larger cities and metro areas have a greater chance of getting on this “dis-honor” list, because the pest control company counts customer complains/inspections in their sales office reports, nation-wide, so Reno [for example] isn’t as like to take the PR-hit as Las Vegas. The news is actually worse than at 1st glance. Las Vegas is not only #3, but also on a sub-list of cities with the fastest growing BedBug infestation RATES. Service calls were up in L-V by 50% over just last year.

I am Mr BedBug [Chief SpokesBug for] The more you know about “my” BedBug family, the more you’ll understand “why” Bedbugs in Las Vegas are a huge problem. BedBugs are hitch-hikers. They cling to any fabric that smells like a human, so no matter how clean our hotel/convention industry keeps the “house”, every facility is only one “check-in” away from another “I got BedBugs in Las Vegas” story. We frequently cycle lots of people in/out of hotels. That’s good for the Las Vegas economy, but also good for BedBugs. They arrive in the jacket […]