BedBugs in Detroit

2014 Top 50 Most BedBug Infested Cities list.

Just like the Oscar awards ceremony and the SuperBowl, once per year it’s time for the annual Top 50 Most Bedbug Infested Cities “competition”. Can I have the envelope? please. These are the cities that will get the most local TV and newspaper coverage of the Bedbug Wars, in the next few months, on the

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Here is the List by Ranking –
[and if they moved UP+ or DOWN- from last year]

#1 – Chicago Il. [Congratulate our 2-time winner]
#2 – Los Angeles Ca. (+1)
#3 – Columbus, Ohio (+3)
#4 – Detroit Mi.(-2)
#5 – Cincinnati Oh.
#6 – Cleveland/Akron/Canton Oh. (+2)
#7 – Dayton Oh. (+4)
#8 – Washington DC. (-1)
#9 – Denver Co. (-5)
#10 – Indianapolis In. (+6)
#11 – Richmond/Petersburg Va. (+1)
#12 – Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC. (+3)
#13 – Dallas/Ft. Worth Tx. (-4)
#14 – Syracuse NY. (+7)
#15 – Atlanta Ga.(+14)
#16 – Houston Tx. (+2)
#17 – New York City NY. (-7)
#18 – Seattle/Tacoma Wa. (-5)
#19 – San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose Ca. (-5)
#20 – Boston Ma. (+2)
#21 – Milwaukee Wi.(-2)
#22 – Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Fl. (+3)
#23 – Nashville Tn. (+17)
#24 – Pittsburgh Pa. (+12)
#25 – Charlotte NC. (+18)
#26 – San Diego Ca.(+6)
#27 – Baltimore Md. (-7)
#28 – Phoenix Az. (+7)
#29 – Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (+4)
#30 – Charleston/Huntington, W.Va. (+1)
#31 – Knoxville, Tenn. (-4)
#32 – Louisville, Ky. (-2)
#33 – Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Mich. (+5)
#34 – Hartford/New Haven, Conn. (-8)
#35 – Champaign / Springfield, Ill. (+13)
#36 – Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville, S.C. (+11)
#37 – Omaha, Neb. (-20)
#38 – Buffalo, N.Y. (-10)
#39 – Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, […]

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Detroit is a Top 10 “BedBug” city of 2013

Congratulations to the “Motor City”, Detroit has risen to the top of the Orkin Pest Control list of “Top 10 BedBug infested cities”, as reported by the Detroit Free-Press. It’s just the latest bit of “great” PR for a once proud city. The rankings are just the opinion of a company trying to sell pest control services, but the reality is: If you don’t attack a bedbug infestation early [and effectively] the problem spreads and grows.

BedBugs are NOT a problem found only in seedy motels and low-income housing. The reality is: those are the easy news stories to report, because without the resources to fight bedbugs, the problem quickly gets out of hand and creates publicity thru complains to govt agencies. Five star hotels, and sub-urban homeowners have the resources to have the problem solved, early and completely. They also don’t want their neighbors to know, so nothing is said.

BedBugs are hitchhikers. They cling to any fabric that smells like a human. This means BedBugs will follow you home from movie theaters, DR offices, airplane seats, elementary schools and anywhere else that humans gather.

Learn how BedBugs live and where they hide in your home, or managed property. You can KILL BEDBUGS yourself. Before you pay big$ to a pest control service, Read and see how you can solve a BedBug problem yourself.

What we learned:
BedBugs in Detroit are a big problem. The pest control companies use press releases to convince you to believe you can’t avoid them, so you should pay BIG$ […]

BedBugs in Detroit courtrooms tipped the Scales of Justice

BedBugs in Detroit courtrooms tipped the Scales of Justice, if only for one day.    MrBedBug  [the Chief Spokes-BUG from] hopes  this tactic doesn’t become  an effective defense strategy  in the Court system.  [we are kidding]


We do want to commend the Detroit Court house “system”.  If you read this BedBug News Report closely,  Everyone did things exactly right in our opinion.  [Yes, it was an inconvenience, but]  the Court Bailiff  noticed “suspect” BedBugs on a person in the court building.  He reported it.  The person was isolated, the room was cleared, a cleaning check was done and everyone got back to work.    Good Job, all around.


Upon investigation, the BedBug “suspect” did have an active infestation in his home.   THIS is the perfect example of what we mean when we say:   BedBugs are hitchhikers.  The person could have spread the BedBug infestation from his home to the courthouse, and he probably DID leave bugs in the car/taxi/bus that he used to GET to the courthouse this day.    Our question is:  Where does he/she work?  Where did they shop this week?  Which movie theater, restaurant, DR office or other places have they visited?   Those Detroit locations need to check for BedBugs too, just like the Courthouse did.


When cities like Detroit have BedBug infestations [and end up on the TOP 10 list of most BedBug infested Cities] it is easy to accidently bring BedBugs home.    Learn HOW BedBugs spread, how they breed and HOW to avoid them, by reading     The best way to solve a BedBug infestation problem is:  Don’t bring BedBugs home and know the tell tale signs of a BedBug infestation, so you can attack them early before the problem grows.

What we learned:  Having policies […]

Detroit BedBugs are lazy. They take the Metro bus.

Mr BedBug, [the Chief SpokesBUG for] thinks this is a funny news story, NOT because bedbugs are a joke [they aren’t]. It’s funny because we always say-” BedBugs are hitchhikers, following tasty-humans wherever they go.” Now we know that Detroit BedBugs are lazy, and take the bus.

The news reports we most often see are stories about BedBugs found on airplane seats, not busses. What is troubling about this story is the lack of “quick response” to reports of BedBugs. No management should ever be so deaf as to not hear rumors, gossip or complaints about BedBugs in ANY workplace. If you attack to problem “earlier”, rather than “later”, it is less troublesome, less expensive and less likely to impact your staff.

In fairness to the Detroit BedBug Express…. Umm, we mean Detroit Department of Transportation it is a constant problem, watching for BedBugs. A brand new bus can be infected if the 1st passenger walks on with BedBugs clinging to a jacket or pants. This is why a regular checks should be standard procedure, and drivers should look/listen for passenger comments about BedBugs.

What we learned: BedBugs can be anywhere humans gather. Workplaces need everyone on staff to be aware, and watch for the signs of BedBug infestation. Management needs to act quickly and take reports seriously. Having a plan in place to clean BedBug infestations controls the problem, before it spreads to customers or employee homes. Learn the facts about BedBugs in Detroit and how you can avoid them. We have -HOW TO- tips on cleaning an infestation too, […]