USAtoday is out with [another] headline grabbing story. They hope it will grab readers [it must have worked, because here I am talking about it], but the facts are a little light. “McPaper” has always been accused of being light on substance in the “news” department, but this article seems designed to just be a PR/support piece for union-housekeepers in the major cities…. with a little “hate” for BedBugs thrown into the mix. I guess I’m overly sensitive, but these “5 myths about hotel housekeeping” do NOT really seem to be…. Umm… myths…. And the “facts about Bedbugs” are missing.

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plain hotel room, 2 beds, TV and a potty/shower

plain hotel room, 2 beds, TV and a potty/shower

I’m not disputing the thesis that hotel housekeeping isn’t a tough and tedious job. Just like the old joke about how people drive rental cars, everyone uses hotel rooms like that too. I get it, but isn’t that the “job description”. Come on! We all know “sanitation engineers”, chemical plant workers and other “nasty jobs” exist. In fact, “TV regular guy”, Mike Rowe has found TV fame with a “Dirty Jobs” show on the Discovery Channel that does nothing but celebrate these “your life could be worse” jobs of all types. Watch episodes HERE

So back we return to the USA today article that you can read HERE. I spend a LOT of time in hotel rooms, both literally and figuaratively [since I am Mr BedBug after all] I do like the idea of a “tip envelope” for housekeeping, and I usually do it the 1st night of a hotel stay too. I want to believe, [but I know it’s not true] that if the housekeeper sees a tip on the 1st night, they will take care of me better thru my stay. I leave $3/night, no matter how fancy the place is. Now, we all know that the union-housekeepers in NYC, Chicago, Seattle and LosAngeles, make more money than the “girl” who resets the rooms in Memphis Tennessee or Dallas Texas. The casino housekeepers in Vegas-baby, or Biloxi, Atlantic City, and the licensed Indian Casinos make more money that the staff in the “convention centers” of Lincoln Nebraska and Bozeman Montana. “Economic fairness” aside, I’m glad I’m not a career hotel housekeeper, so I do what I can to “help out”.

If you want to help your housekeeper, start by not being a slob. Not only do I not LEAVE old food in my room, I don’t eat in there at ALL. Put your trash in the trash can. Don’t plug-up the toilet. Don’t throw hotel property around. Leave tables and chairs were they are supposed to be [or at least put them back]. This all generally falls under the heading of “Don’t be a jerk”.

You knew I would get to the TV remote and BedBugs, right? …and here we are. What “news” did this story impart to you? Is it a myth that the TV remote is nasty? It’s like the non-Geico commercial, “Everyone knows that”, but did you know….. So here I go.

Did you know that you are just as like to pick-up Bedbugs on your airplane flight into/out of town, as you are to “collect” them in your hotel room? It’s true. The hotels, especially in major convention cities on the Top 100 Most Bedbug Infested Cities” list, get the bad PR, but movie theaters, casino “showrooms”, taxis, transit buses, Libraries, DR offices… they are all likely sources of your BedBug infestation. BedBugs are hitch-hikers. They cling to any fabric that smells like a “tasty-human”, because YOU are the only food source my Bedbug family consumes.

We have written extensively about “How to inspect a hotel room for BedBugs” at Taking a quick look at the edge/seams of the mattress is NOT how to do it. That isn’t where BedBugs hide. It is true, that most motel/motel operators have added BedBug inspection chores to the long list of other duties the housekeepers do during each room turn-around. It isn’t the detailed inspection I DO at check-in. [Hey, I’m Mr BedBug and I don’t want to bring a colony home either.]

What we learned today:
McPaper is for entertainment [and that’s OK]
Hotel maids have a tough job. Leave a tip, because the jerk manager probably isn’t paying them much and the IRS will never know.
Learn to do YOUR OWN INSPECTION FOR BedBugs…. because they will go home with YOU, not the housekeeping staff or hotel manager.

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Learn more about BedBugs at

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