Just like the Oscar awards ceremony and the SuperBowl, once per year it’s time for the annual Top 50 Most Bedbug Infested Cities “competition”. Can I have the envelope? please. These are the cities that will get the most local TV and newspaper coverage of the Bedbug Wars, in the next few months, on the BedBugNewsReports.com

MrBedBug at work in the FLfresh LLC corporate offices.

MrBedBug at work in the FLfresh LLC corporate offices.

I’m MrBedBug, Chief SpokesBug for FLfresh.com and EcoBugFREE, the BedBug Eliminator. I am a TV star on MrBedBug-TV on YouTube and Editor of the BedBug News Reports.com

Here is the List by Ranking –
[and if they moved UP+ or DOWN- from last year]

#1 – Chicago Il. [Congratulate our 2-time winner]
#2 – Los Angeles Ca. (+1)
#3 – Columbus, Ohio (+3)
#4 – Detroit Mi.(-2)
#5 – Cincinnati Oh.
#6 – Cleveland/Akron/Canton Oh. (+2)
#7 – Dayton Oh. (+4)
#8 – Washington DC. (-1)
#9 – Denver Co. (-5)
#10 – Indianapolis In. (+6)
#11 – Richmond/Petersburg Va. (+1)
#12 – Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC. (+3)
#13 – Dallas/Ft. Worth Tx. (-4)
#14 – Syracuse NY. (+7)
#15 – Atlanta Ga.(+14)
#16 – Houston Tx. (+2)
#17 – New York City NY. (-7)
#18 – Seattle/Tacoma Wa. (-5)
#19 – San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose Ca. (-5)
#20 – Boston Ma. (+2)
#21 – Milwaukee Wi.(-2)
#22 – Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Fl. (+3)
#23 – Nashville Tn. (+17)
#24 – Pittsburgh Pa. (+12)
#25 – Charlotte NC. (+18)
#26 – San Diego Ca.(+6)
#27 – Baltimore Md. (-7)
#28 – Phoenix Az. (+7)
#29 – Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (+4)
#30 – Charleston/Huntington, W.Va. (+1)
#31 – Knoxville, Tenn. (-4)
#32 – Louisville, Ky. (-2)
#33 – Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Mich. (+5)
#34 – Hartford/New Haven, Conn. (-8)
#35 – Champaign / Springfield, Ill. (+13)
#36 – Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville, S.C. (+11)
#37 – Omaha, Neb. (-20)
#38 – Buffalo, N.Y. (-10)
#39 – Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, Neb. (+2)
#40 – Lexington, Ky. (-16)
#41 – Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, Calif. (+4)
#42 – Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Colo. (-19)
#43 – Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y. (-1)
#44 – Minneapolis/St. Paul Mn. (-10)
#45 – Honolulu Hi.(-8)
#46 – Toledo, Ohio
#47 – Peoria/Bloomington, Ill.
#48 – Davenport, Iowa/Moline, Ill.
#49 – New Orleans [metro] La.
#50 – Kansas City [metro Ks & Mo]

Random thoughts in no particular order….
So sad for YOU, if you live in OHIO !!! Holy all-you-can-eat-buffet, MrBedbug-man. EVERY major city in the state of Ohio is on this list. Governor John Kasich must be SO proud, and BTW – Ohio was the 1st state to have a state-wide BedBug “Task Force”. I guess my friend “General BedBug” is winning the BedBug Wars in Ohio.

Some of the geography is “interesting. You could spend an entire day in the car driving from [#39] Lincoln to Hastings, then Kearney, Nebraska. The same could be said for [#30] Charleston and Huntington W.Va, but it’s just across a bridge for [#18] Seattle – Tacoma Washington and [#19] San Francisco and Oakland California, but San Jose is up the road. Forgeting the population size of the cities, was this ranking based on [metro] or in the case of poor Nebraska, finding enough citys to group into a BedBug-pile? Maybe the franchise pest control companies in Nebraska needed some PR too?

Let’s welcome the newest “winners”/[losers?] in the Bedbug Wars. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, St. Louis Missouri, Bowling Green, Kentucky and Ft. Wayne, Indiana are first-timers on the Top 50 Most Bedbug Infested Cities list. We expect a LOT of TV and newspaper articles on the BedBugNewsReports.com about this “achievement” in the coming few days.

The “Big movers” UP the list were Champaign/Springfield, Illinois (+13), Lexington, Kentucky (+16), Sacramento, Calif (+14), Grand Rapids, Mich (+13), Buffalo, NY (+12), Charleston, W.Va (+11) and Louisville, Ky (+10).

The “Big movers” in the opposite direction shows some progress is being made in Buffalo NY (-10), Hartford /New Haven Ct (-8) Baltimore Md (-7) and New York City (-7) but the BEST “movers” [down the list] were Omaha, Nebraska(-20) Colorado Springs/Pueblo Colo(-19) and Lexington Kentucky(-16).

Missing from the LIST? Orlando and Las Vegas. Bedbugs are hitch-hikers. That’s why all the big travel and convention cities dominate the Top 50 Most Bedbug Infested Cities list, but whatZ-up with O-town and Vegas? We suspect they are so dependent on tourist that the hotel/ casino properties are “on it” and that translates to the “locals” who keep awareness high too.

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Learn more about BedBugs at www.FLfresh.com

Learn more about BedBugs at www.FLfresh.com